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Job Title Number Education Experience Location Details
Overseas Customer Service 3 Colleague Degree 3years above Suzhou +
Job Ddescription:
1.Keep good relationship with overseas agents/clients,inquiryfor export DDU/DDP/LDP/DAP shpt,import FOB/EX-WORK shpt. 2.Quote for inquiries from overseas agents,offer proper shippingroutes,keep following up to win the business. 3. Sorting the agents info and develop new agents,get to knowtheir service advantages. 4. Accept booking,confirm the bookinginformation with shipper and overseas agents 5. Track and trace,keep shpt updated to clients. 6. Distribute documents to the appropriate parties in a timely manner to ensurethe smooth flow of import/export cargo. 7. Additional tasks arranged by overseas subsidiary Manager.
1. CET-6 or above, Major in Logistics, freight forwarding,foreign trade, or related. 2. Fluent in written & oral English. 3. Decent, Confident, Passionate, Strong service consciousness 4. Good communication skills, Strong team-work spirit. 5. Above 3 years experience in Forwarding/Logistics.

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